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What it says on the box. I blog any and everything that appeals to my wide and varied interests, which include but aren't limited to: Monster High, Harry Potter, Supernatural, comic books, hot guys, lovely ladies, loads of tv, movie, and music pop culture, and various social issues. Sometimes I talk about my kid or what it's like living and working in Las Vegas. Pretty much nothing is off limits, though I do try to to keep it sfw. Wanna know something? Send me an ask!

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I turned to Jamie in sudden panic. “I can’t marry you! I don’t even know your last name!”

He looked down at me and cocked a ruddy eyebrow. “Oh. It’s Fraser. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.” He pronounced it formally, each name slow and distinct.

Completely flustered, I said “Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp,” and stuck out my hand idiotically. Apparently taking this as a plea for support, he took the hand and tucked it firmly in the crook of his elbow. Thus inescapably pinioned, I squelched up the path to my wedding.

3tno replied to your post: the finn fans were spitting shade at g…

I think everyone over reacting over fictional characters in general.

in this fandom? always.

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… I’ve finally found an MH doll that I don’t need O_O

why is clawdeen orange? why do they look demented? why, period?

the finn fans were spitting shade at gory fans? to my recollection it was the other way around; the main vocal gory fans were being tossers in general. the victim complex ain’t cute.

w/e. people interpret the tag in whatever way supports their viewpoint. if there’s anything i’ve learned in my time in this fandom, that’s it.


Ugh so I was like OMG MONSTER HIGH AT McDONALD’s so I drove all the way there and bought a kiddie meal and took it home and everything and then took out the toy and it was LPS. -.- ugh

Update: There is nothing on this but a burger and a bun they didn’t even give me ketchup wtf.

Double edit: Went back for dinner, this time they gave me the freaking BOY toy ugh. Still no ketchup.

you can just ask them, you know. that’s what i did with the buckets last year and the mlp toys a few months back. i would just roll thru, get my coffee or sweet tea or whatever, ask if they had the clawdeen bucket, for example, and then if they had it, i’d just buy it. save yourself some trouble and tell them what you’re after, and know that you don’t have to actually order the happy meal.


This. This is why Harry Potter will always be one of the best things to happen. I am in tears.


Watch Emma’s speech and take action

false alarm, he decided to cook at home

lounging about has resumed

i am being summoned to leave from my house, like the soulless demon that i am

actually my husband wants to go get dinner. bbiab.



So is it possible Hexiciah Steam and Victor Frankenstein knew Henry Jekyll? ‘Cause that would make for some awesome butting of heads over mad science and it would be glorious.

…omg I need this to happen…

this would be glorious